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Falling- Iration

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Butt Naked

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Sometimes, I forget that I am young. I forget that I have only been blessed with a quarter of a century. I forget that mistakes are part of trying.I forget that fear is motivation, not food for anxiety.I forget that friendship takes kindness, and openness. I need to forget those who have made me less kind and less open.I forget the way a first kiss feels. I forget to smile sometimes. I forget what it’s like to be wooed, except by myself.I forget that it’s better to woo yourself than to expect others to do it for you.I forget how to give a genuine hug to someone other than my mother and my father. Because I’m fearful others won’t return it. I forget the sound of my first boyfriend’s voice. I forget to eat well.I forget to make eye contact, retail has killed a friendlier version of myself.I forget not to stand tall and act like I don’t care, because of how I was approached when I cared. I forget that kindness and courage can go hand in hand.I forget who I was when I was 19. I forget what it looks like when someone wants to be your friend.I forget because I remember that no one can change my life, only I can. I remember these wonderful women who have looked me in the eye, and told me good, and kind words. Strong words.I forget that each day is a blessing. That each day is what I make it. That each day belongs to me and me alone. I forget. I’m going to forget forgetting and start remembering.

That Kind Of Woman


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Universal terms. different concepts, definitions, action. One may perceive in a way another may not.

I hate the word Love. I hate not knowing what it is. I hate knowing what it means but feeling the hollowness of its definition. I hate looking at it and seeing what it is, but not believing in it.

Sacrifice. The most common action to “prove” love. Proving. I hate that word too. We shouldn’t feel like we need to sacrifice for our other. You should want to for your own benefit: to better yourself as a gift for your other. Like “here dude, I’m a great ass person and I come with a fucking bow on top.” Everyone likes presents, yet we allow ourselves to stay stuck in our past. Absorb what happened and get the fuck outta there. Better yourself for the next time around.

Love starts with you: how well do you know yourself, and how much do you love what you know?

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I got really lost last year, but I can’t be lonely tho. Cause we’re all here. We’re all stuck here.

Donald Glover
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Destiny’s Child — Say My Name
Choreo by Koharu Sugawara

Ahhh, marry me.

i will tell you i love u all u want 

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Delete her number.

Stop ringing her. Stop messaging her. Stop making excuses to see her, to drop by her place.

Erase her name from memory. Remove yourself from her life, more completely than you would like but as completely as she deserves. Move on, so that you can allow her to also move on. When you close your eyes, you don’t get to see her face. Not anymore. You don’t get to think about her lips, the warm glow of her skin when she rests next to you, or how she squeezes your hand in her sleep. You are not allowed to remember the smell of her perfume, that she only drinks mint tea (with two dollops of honey), or that she loves you.

She loves you.

She has been in love with you for too long.

So, forget how she says your name. Forget how she calls your name. Forget how she screams your name. Forget that time you got sick and she stayed up with you all night, letting you lay your head in her lap and holding a cold compress to your forehead. Forget how her hair feels in your fingers. Forget how she looks in your sweatshirts.

Forget her.

Know only that she existed at one point in your life, but relinquish all hope that she could exist at another point — sometime in the future that you are unwilling to specify because you don’t know what you want. Yet. It is not fair for you to swoop in and out of her life as you choose. It is not fair for you to say that you are satisfied with “things as they are” and you will have time to “figure it out” later. Let her stop investing emotionally in you. Let her pour that love and care into the people who deserve her.

Don’t tell her that you think about her all the time. Don’t tell her that it bothers you to hear about her with other people, but that you’re willing to understand as long as she likes you more than them. Don’t tell her that this isn’t the right moment but that there will be a right moment. There is not going to be a right moment. She shouldn’t have to wait for the right moment.

Don’t tell her that you can’t handle ultimatums, that you don’t like the idea of finally adding finality to your relationship — whatever still remains of it.

What you are telling her is that you want to keep her on as an option, that you are taking her for granted, that you want to know she will be there, that you can depend on her at the end of the day. When you find that no one else has stuck around or that those who have are less interesting, less thoughtful, or less doggedly loyal to you.

Doggedly loyal to you.

That is what she has been to you, for you almost as long as you have known her: a constant emotional crutch, the guarantee of stability, a safety net while you reachvout to grasp objects that sparkle and shine far greater than she does. All that glitters is not gold, haven’t you heard?

She is fire. You are ice, and you are afraid that her slow burn will smolder your cool, hard demeanor. That’s what has driven your decisions, your actions all along: fear. You are a coward. You are a hypocrite. You are terrified to let her go, but you are afraid she is too good for you, that she could drive you wild, that you would choke on her flames. That she is too much for you to handle right now.

Right now.

But if you choose not to love her now, you can’t choose to love her later.

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you were a tw

You reminded me of my father,
And I don’t mean that in a good way.

When I decided to quit track, it had nothing to do with the sport itself. I quit because my coach was a fucking asshole. No matter how many times I brought home first place, how high I jumped, or if I had a new PR. It wasn’t enough. He always had some type of shit to say to bring me down.

Eventually, it didn’t matter how many times I brought home first place, how high I jumped, or what my new PR was because every word he threw at me kicked me lower and lower. I couldn’t find the heart to jump any higher, I couldn’t find it in me to want to continue. No matter how great I did, no good came out of it.

You reminded me of my father, every critical part that came out of you.

When I said you broke me, this is what I meant.

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